Joseph A. Marden – A Quick Review

Today I begin outlining what is known about Edward Marden Junior’s children. I am starting with his 2nd child and will cover his first born, Nathaniel, after all the other children. Nathaniel is quite a puzzle, elusive and colorful. He will take more than one post to cover properly. I will cover the possible 1st family of Edward Jr. by a woman named Rebecca Jamison in a separate post later.

Joseph Annis Marden – Data not all verified

  • 19-Feb-1811 – Born in Lyman, NH
  • 29-Mar-1829 – Married at Sutton, Orleans Co., VT to Lucy W. Annis
  • 17-Nov-1829 – Sutton, VT, birth of son, Cliffton Stoddard (d.1916 Wisconsin)
  • 1830 – At Albany, Orleans Co., VT “Joseph Mardean” with 1 male child under 5 and one female age 20-30 in the household, but no adult males. Where is Joseph?
  • 24-Jan-1832 – Albany, VT, birth of son, Riley Hull (d.1900)
  • 31-Jan-1834 – Compton, Compton Co., Quebec, birth of son Salmon (or Soloman) Pulsifer (d.1914 Wisconsin)
  • 31-Mar-1835 – Compton, Quebec, birth of son Joseph Annis Marden (d.1909 Wisconsin)
  • 17-Apr-1836 – Compton, Quebec, birth of son Alfred Gibson
  • 24-Jan-1839 – Compton, Quebec, birth of daughter Mary Elizabeth
  • 11-Nov-1839 – Compton, Quebec, birth of daughter Hannah (d.1841 Compton)
  • 1840 – not found in U.S. Census
  • 1841 – Canada Census not available
  • 26-Apr-1841 – Compton, Quebec, birth of daughter Martha Aurilla (d.1877 Wisconsin)
  • 12-Mar-1843 – Compton, Quebec, birth of son William Henry (d.1812 Oregon)
  • 18-Mar-1845 – Brookfield, Orange Co., VT, birth of son Lorenzo Dow (d.1907 Sanbornton, NH)
  • 2-Feb-1847 – Randolph, Orange Co., VT, birth of son James Edward or Edward James (d.1927 Wisconsin)
  • 18-Mar-1849 – Randolph, VT, birth of daughter Harriet Diana (d.1918)
  • 1850 – Randolph, VT Joseph A. listed as a “basket maker” living next to his Annis in-laws
  • 18-Jan-1851 – Randolph, VT, birth of son Albert L.
  • 1-Sep-1858 – receives a patent for 40 acres fo land in Portage County, Wisconsin
  • 1860 – Willow Creek, Richland Co., Wisconsin found in census as a farmer born in Vermont
  • 1870 – Willow Creek, Wisconsin found as a “basket maker” in census, born in NH
  • 1880 – Willow Creek, Wisconsin found in census as a farmer born in NH
  • 7-Jul-1882 – Wisconsin, death of wife, Lucy
  • c1883 – married Susan [ -?- ]
  • 1900 – Willow Creek, Wisconsin found in census with no occupation, b. in NH, married 17 years
  • 7-Jan-1901 – Lloyd, Richland Co., Wisconsin death at age 89
1850 Randolph VT

Joseph in the 1850 Census as a Basket Maker


Joseph in the 1870 Census as a Basket Maker

Joseph Annis Marden – Locations

  • Lyman, NH – 1811 to c1824
  • Albany, VT – c1820s. On the old Bayley-Hazen Road built by his grandfather.
  • Sutton, Orleans Co., VT – 1829 residence at time of marriage. This is in the Willoughby Lake region and may have some significance to a Native family.
  • Albany, VT – 1830-1832
  • Compton, Compton Co., Quebec – 1834 to 1843 according to birth locations for children. Compton is on the Coaticook River, a branch of the St. Francois River. This location may have significance to a Native family.
  • Brookfield, Orange Co., VT – c1845
  • Randolph, Orange Co., VT – c1847-1850+. Located on the White River which flows into the Connecticut River. This location may have significance to a Native family.
  • Wisconsin – 1858-1901

The most important items to keep in mind about Joseph Annis Marden are;

  • he was born in Lyman, NH
  • he grew up and started a family in the Albany VT region
  • he moved to Compton, Quebec with a young family – this may be where some writers got the idea that Edward Jr. was in Canada, perhaps Edward lived with or frequently visited Joseph.
  • he is identified in the Vermont 1850 and Wisconsin 1870 Census as a “basket maker” – this is not proof of Native Heritage but it is a good piece of circumstantial evidence to support that possibility.
  • he is identified as “white” in all census
  • most members of this family ended up in Wisconsin

What else should I try to learn?

  • Can I verify the birth dates and locations of his children?
  • What caused him to move to Canada in the 1830s?
  • What caused him to move to a different part of Vermont when he returned from Canada?
  • What attracted the family to Wisconsin?
  • Do any examples of his baskets survive?

This concludes my coverage of Joseph Annis Marden.

Are there any descendants out there that can provide additional information or perhaps photos?

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